Bird Control

Bird Control

Bird Control is a set of methods to prevent or deter birds from landing, roosting, and nesting where they are unwanted. It can involve various strategies such as:


The function of Optical Gel is to help repel birds without damaging buildings or surfaces. Optical Gel emits ultraviolet light that is only visible to birds. Birds perceive this light as fire or smoke, causing them to leave the area. It also has a scent similar to peppermint oil and citronella, which birds do not like.

Importantly, it is not harmful to humans, pets, and the surrounding environment. If birds accidentally touch it, the gel sticks to their feet, which scares them, makes them uneasy, and prevents them from returning.


Bird repellent gel is a non-toxic pest control product that deters birds from landing, perching, and roosting on treated surfaces. The gel is sticky and makes surfaces uncomfortable and uninviting for birds. It does not harm birds but simply discourages them from staying in the treated area. The gel is nearly invisible, making it a discreet solution for bird problems. It can be applied to any ledge or landing area where birds are a problem. The gel remains effective for about 6 months on average with shelter.