Pest Control Malaysia - Installation In-Ground Bait Station at Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Here's a concise guide for installing underground termite bait stations using a T-Bar Cleanout Auger and high-quality Exterminex bait products:

1. Material Preparation:
• Use the T-Bar Cleanout Auger, a specialized tool for digging holes.
• Prepare the Exterminex termite bait station. These stations are typically cylindrical and designed to attract termites.

2. Selecting Installation Locations:
• Decide where you'll place the termite bait stations. Circle your building, spacing the stations approximately 10 to 15 feet apart.
• Ensure that the stations are at least 2 feet away from the building's foundation.

3. Digging Holes in the Ground with the T-Bar Cleanout Auger:
• Insert the T-Bar Cleanout Auger into the soil at the chosen installation location.
• Rotate the auger handle clockwise to dig the hole. The depth should be sufficient to bury the body of the bait station while keeping the top open at ground level.
• Repeat this process for each installation location.

4. Installing the Bait Stations:
• Place the Exterminex termite bait station into the hole you've dug.
• Ensure that the bait station is level with the ground surface.
• Backfill the soil around the station to make it flush with the ground.

5. Pre-Baiting and Monitoring:
• Before adding termite poison, fill the bait station with specially treated Exterminex wood bait containing cellulose.
• Regularly monitor the bait stations to check for termite activity.

Remember, proper installation and consistent monitoring are crucial for effective termite colony elimination. Consider hiring professional pest control services to keep your premises termite-free, as their damage can be severe and impact property value.

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