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Termite Control – (Soil Treatment & Corrective Treatment)

Construction area treatment

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

Preventive soil treatment is carried out when the property is being built.Termiticide solution will be sprayed over the soil for the entire built up area include the perimeter and sub-floor of a building to eradicate termites attempting to gain entry into the building through a treated soil area. The chemical barrier must not be disturbed and should be covered preferably using a water proof tarpaulin before the concrete slab is laid.

Post-Construction Anti-termite Treatment

Post-Construction Anti-termite Treatment

The objective of the treatment is to termite proof a building against termite infestation by creating a termicidal barrier around the perimeter ground beams and columns of the building. In order to reach the soil under the slab of the building, it is necessary to drill holes through the slab and then injection of termicidal chemical is applied.

Termite Baiting  System

Termite Baiting System

The purpose is to treat large number of captured termites whereby the treated termites will return to the colony to feed its other members.Treatment is carried out when foraging termites consume the attractant baits, and share it with termites from the main colony, resulting in a gradual decline in termite numbers.

In order to detect potential pest issue early, we recommend you have regular inspection at your premises. All of our services are tailored to suit the need of your individual business.

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